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Hi, and welcome to "The Beanie Baby House." My name is Melanee Wood, and I live in Greenville, South Carolina. I love all animals! And I also love stuff animals and beanie babies! I love the wolf and the dog stuff animals. I also do have a crush on some of my favorite actors (if you ask me I'm not telling!). I currently live with my parents, a brother, and the animal zoo. I am also a strong believer in animals!


My hobbies are mostly collecting beanie babies, TV Guide Mags from the Brooklen/Bronx area, TY Beanie Trading cards, movie posters, state coins, etc. I also like running, going to the movies, reading, webpage making, photograhphy, playing with my numerous animals, and more. I love to surf the net and talking with my friends online. I also show my pet ferrets (Honey, Haven, Jesse, Max, Buddy, Rudy, Snowy, Rosie, Ginger, Roscoe, and Riggs) and my dogs (Spencer and Rocky). I also have a small rattery called Moon Star Rattery in which I raised quality bred rats.


My only picture!

Have a nice day!