The Beanie Baby House
How the Venture Started...


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How it all started...

My venture into collecting beanie babies started in 1997, nearly 1998 at the time. I had been watching the QVC channel that morning. And that's when I was beanie babies. I can remember Sparky and Tobasco on there being sold. I wanted Beanie Babies for awhile and never considered getting them until summer of 1998.

We were going on a vacation to Disney World in Florida, and we happen to stop by at a Cracker Barrel. We stopped there to get something, and what do know--they sold Beanie Babies, too! So I convinced my mom to get me those, and she said I can get two. And I chose Doby and Dotty--my first beanie babies in my collection. After a trip to Florida, my mom had to fly up to Pennslyvania since my grandmother wasn't feeling well. When my mom and my brother came home, they brought me home a surprise--another beanie baby named Pounce!

And that started the fire! I started getting more and more! In December of '98, I wanted a special beanie, Sparky. Sparky is the most expensive beanie in my collection to date! Then I started buying them from the Internet, the gift shop, the airport, when we go on vacations, and other places where Beanie Babies are sold.

I recently got a beanie never heard of yet--Periwinkle! He's an e-Beanie and the only Beanie Baby never heard of. I am now collecting TY Beanie trading cards as well. I still keeping my collection growing, now I'll need is one very special beanie--Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant...


Spunky says, "Once you start collecting, you can't stop!"


Bones says, "Start your venture now!"